Information & Communications Technology Opportunities

28 Oct Information & Communications Technology Opportunities

The opportunities in East Africa for ICT are enormous.

The requirements are in the areas of:

– Consumer Demand

– Private Sector Development

– Public Sector Demand

– Government support

Here are some of the facts:

  • Estimated industry of $3 billion annually and growing.
  • Internet subscriptions have grown 300% in last five years.
  • Internet penetration is BELOW 10%.
  • There are many Government incentive programs to grow ICT.

Exactly what is needed:

Consumer Goods:

Computer systems & peripherals

Home networking systems

Smart phones

Cellular phones

Business Solutions:

Data terminals

Server systems

Switches & routers

Wireless access equipment

Voice over IP telephony

Media Systems:

Broadcasting Equipment

Dish Network Systems

ISP Providers:

Broadband Equipment

VSAT Equipment

Fiber Optic Equipment

Data Transmission Equipment

ISP Equipment

Fiber Cable



Software Development

Website Development

Mobile Banking services

Payphone Terminals

Outsourcing Services

Electronic Government Services

If you are in the ICT sector you need to consider Africa if you haven’t yet.

Keep in mind the above is just for the East Africa region.   More opportunities are available in other regions of Africa.

Contact me to schedule a telephone call to discuss your business and how you can take advantage of the opportunities in Africa.

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