Energy Opportunities

29 Oct Energy Opportunities

Energy is vital for all mankind and African Governments realize energy as the number one backbone for growth.

Therefore, the are very aggressive with regard to energy programs and are heavily focus on expanding access to energy.

Here are some of the facts that highlight and support the energy opportunities in East Africa:

  • The percentage of population with access to electricity in the region is from 7-23%
  • Consumption demand growth rate is from 5-10% depending upon the country.
  • The attempt is double generation capacity in the next 5-10 years.
  • Darkness falls throughout the region at 6 p.m. year round.

Opportunities exist for energy construction and consulting firms and any companies involved in the energy production supply chain.  Specifically:

Off Grid Solutions:

– Solar water heating, lighting, cooking,IT, and charging systems.


– Gas Turbines and their parts and service.

– Thermal diesel turbines and their parts and service.

Coal power generating plants.


-Poles, cables and lines, transformers, switch gears, usage meters and domestic installation equipment.


-Exploration and refined products.

Renewable Energy:

-Wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydro.

If you are in the energy business you need to consider Africa as it will be the home of the largest growth for the energy industry for the next two to three decades.

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