2014 The Year Of . . .

11 Jan 2014 The Year Of . . .

Africa isn’t changing . . . it has changed!

2014 will again see Africa leading the world in economic development.  “Again” as it will be for consecutive years.  What is happening in Africa has not happened on a continent by combined countries for a long time.  Sure we can look at India and China separately over the last 20 years and the new globe scattered “MINT” (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) but what is happening in Africa is unique.  One continent, strong growth.

Certainly there are factors and it remains to be seen how much growth may be lost to such factors.  The instability in South Sudan and the DRC and the isolate terrorism pockets that worry some people.  Sure they may and probably will have an effect especially when one considers the people that incorrectly identify “Africa” as one market and haven’t taken the time to learn the geography, political make-up and socio-economic conditions of each country or at least each region.  A practice that is losing many companies business year after year.

So here we come 2014 and let’s see who the next smart companies are to at least check out where in Africa might be just the right environment for their business so they can get a piece of the action in the last huge economic renaissance this planet may ever see.

Isn’t it time you checked out Africa for your business?  Your competitor may be there and they are hoping you keep ignoring the place!


  • Alex S. Kombe
    Posted at 15:55h, 11 June Reply

    It is an incredible analyzed facts! I hardly could leave my laptop or i pad the moment i start reading on your facts finding! I wish it could be read by as many people! They could have realized the truth about Africa, the beautiful fast growing Continent. Bravo for the good work Pat! One day you’ll reap the fruit of the hard work you have invested in!

    Alex S. Kombe
    ASAKS Enterprises Ltd
    Mult Business Enterpreneur
    Tanzania – East Africa.

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