One of Africa’s Most Successful Businessmen Puts things into Perspective

10 Jul One of Africa’s Most Successful Businessmen Puts things into Perspective

I feel obligated to share a recent Facebook post from Chris Kirubi of Kenya.

I first met Mr. Kirubi in the 1990’s when we lobbied East Africa Governments for pro-industry policies and taxation rates.  He is a remarkable man that has built a business empire, but more than anything, he loves his beautiful country of Kenya. Sure, you probably hear more about security issues in Kenya than anything.  But, that is just the Breaking News the press thrives on.  Every country has its challenges, and if businesses left the USA every time there was a shooting there would be very few left.  People, all around the world, can learn from Chris Kirubi’s words below.

“We have been too busy living / breathing politics that we forget to acknowledge the amazing things happening in this great country. No, I am not blind to the challenges of terrorism, insecurity, corruption et al, I am simply asking us to open our eyes. 

Can you not see the buzz happening in and around Kenya? How often does a country launch a Euro-bond that is oversubscribed? How often do major infrastructure players like GE decide they want invest in long term projects? Dangote has decided to double the capacity of the Cement factory he’s putting up in Kenya. Microsoft has launched an intellectual property hub. How about the increasing discoveries of oil and gas?

From Agriculture, to manufacturing, to investment and beyond – the world is zoned in on Kenya. They are choosing to come here because they see our great potential. Let us open our eyes, lest the opportunities pass us by because we are blinded by our own self-mutilation.”

From Chris Kirubi on Facebook

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