How can these USA Companies be growing fast in Africa – while they NEVER even looked for business in Africa in the first place?

16 Aug How can these USA Companies be growing fast in Africa – while they NEVER even looked for business in Africa in the first place?

Greetings today from Nairobi, Kenya!

So how can your business grow, to a far away continent at that, without you ever thinking you would be doing business in a place like that? Simple, ENTREPRENEURS. Africa is full of them and the likes of SUBWAY, KFC, COLDSTONE, DOMINOS and others have Africa entrepreneurs to thank for bringing their businesses to the massive growing middle class of Sub Sahara Africa.

Gone are the days of the typical, and very few, USA businesses entering Africa via, what they incorrectly thought was the only gateway to Africa, South Africa. By the way, McDonald’s is celebrating 20 years in South Africa this year and they now have 200 locations. All under one franchise owned by a South African company. I remember going to the first one, 18 years ago, with my wife and daughter during a trip to South Africa when we were living in Tanzania at the time.

But let us move north.  In 2000 a young Tanzanian entrepreneur, after visiting the USA, opened the first Subwayin East Africa. He now has multiple locations. A young American saw Subway in Tanzania and jumped on the band wagon and opened the first ones in Kenya and has plans to operate twenty.

Look around East Africa and you will also find Dominos, KFC, Coldstone Creameries, Naked Pizza, Regus, and more. All the result of being “pulled in” by entrepreneurs in Africa.  They are all doing well and have expansion plans. I’m waiting to see, any day, franchises for quick oil change, cleaning services, donuts and on and on. Africans simply want the same experiences the rest of the world can get!   

If these are the results of little or no effort from the USA side, what could the opportunities be should some companies in the USA make an effort to jump into the enormous middle class phenomenon taking place in Sub Sahara Africa?!

It is literally all here waiting.  Until next time.



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