If I Could Show You Fast Growing Markets with Little or No Competition – And Higher Margins Than Your Markets – Would You Be Interested in Learning More?

15 Apr If I Could Show You Fast Growing Markets with Little or No Competition – And Higher Margins Than Your Markets – Would You Be Interested in Learning More?

The big global leader in forecasted economic growth this year is expected to be the USA – at a whopping growth rate of 2%. Sure, 2% of the USA economy is a big figure but how many companies are fighting for that increase and how economical is it, especially for your company, to try and get growth out of the USA marketplace?

Then there is Europe. I don’t think so. However, I am amazed when I hear USA companies talk about expanding to Europe. Ask some companies that have expanded to Europe over the past few years how things are working out. With the exception of a few sectors anticipate a slow grueling experience.

Therefore, why not explore some of, if not the fastest, growing markets in the world. Markets that have a fresh and fast growing middle class ready to spend their hard earned money on the same middle class experiences the rest of the world knows.

While Sub Sahara Africa will experience some of the strongest economic growth in the world over the next several years the vast majority of companies, investors and entrepreneurs around the world don’t have a clue what is happening in the region.

The fast food industry is certainly a good example. Franchises are popping up all over with no stop in sight. But don’t get confused. Most of them have been “pulled” into Africa by African entrepreneurs. It is a fact that five years ago most fast food franchise companies in the USA had no interest, let alone a strategy, for Sub Sahara Africa, outside of South Africa. And it is now obvious they were very wrong.

What you can provide to a emerging middle class economy that wants all the things the west enjoys? Chances are your sector may be on the forefront of huge and growing demand and no one is even in the market. It is true, I’ve seen it many times. From numerous retail outlets to medical insurance to hospitality to clothing to construction equipment to restaurant supplies to aviation. The first ones in have done very well by establishing themselves early.

So what happens when you have little or no competition? That’s right, higher margins and less headaches. Sound good?

I know and I’ve heard it all before. Is is safe? Will I get paid? Well, odds are you will be shocked at what you find here should you make the smart decision to investigate.

In the meantime, very attractive margins / profits are being realized by new market entries to Sub Sahara Africa. Especially in the dynamic economies of East Africa including Tanzania and Kenya.

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