Who We Are


Why Africa Now is a boutique firm offering highly specialized services to an entire range of businesses from very small to large corporations.



Who We Help


Companies interested in entering or improving their position in Africa markets and individuals or groups interested in investing in Africa. Also, companies that need experienced management in Africa and projects and investors that need “matchmaking”.



How We Help


The first step is educate you about today’s Africa including where the best opportunities are among the 54 countries, what areas to avoid and how to minimize risks and maximize profits. Then we listen to your goals for Africa and recommend the best, easiest and quickest path to success.


Please see our Services page for a detailed list and how we can fast track or grow your Africa business. Imagine the advantages of having experts to assist in your Africa market entry that has lived or now live in Africa, have experience with Fortune 500 companies in Africa and know how to:


  • Fast Track all your goals.
  • Avoid red tape.
  • Lobby fast and effectively.
  • Speak the language.
  • Understands the culture and how to respect it.


No business is too large or small to consider Africa. Don’t wait, your market share in Africa may not wait for you much longer.

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The True Fact About Business in Africa

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