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20 Apr WARNING: It’s Better to Have a Doctor That Has Performed Heart Surgery Than One That Has Written a Book About Heart Surgery

I read once that if you are going to have heart surgery you are better having a Doctor that has performed heart surgery than a doctor that has written a book on heart surgery – a so called “expert”. It’s the same in business. You shouldn’t...

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15 Apr If I Could Show You Fast Growing Markets with Little or No Competition – And Higher Margins Than Your Markets – Would You Be Interested in Learning More?

The big global leader in forecasted economic growth this year is expected to be the USA - at a whopping growth rate of 2%. Sure, 2% of the USA economy is a big figure but how many companies are fighting for that increase and how...

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03 May Spending Quality Time with Kenya’s most recent Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.

There are just some invitations you can never turn down.  Recently I was invited to attend a speech by Kenya's most recent Prime Minister Raila Odinga.  Talk about history, PM Odinga's father was Kenya's first Vice-President when they gained independence from the British half a...

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