Patrick Griswold

PatrickGriswold-WAN-smallPatrick J. Griswold,

Founder and President

MBA “Masters in Business in Africa”


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Patrick Griswold is a USA citizen and has CEO and CFO experience ($40B Global Manufacturer – Continental Ag. of Germany) and numerous levels of accomplishment benefiting shareholders, employees, customers and local communities. Patrick was one of the founding members of one of the largest, and most influential, CEO round-tables in Africa and a member of several company boards and business policy influencing organizations.


Patrick is also an accomplished professional speaker and author of the book: It’s Africa Stupid!  An American, Corporate Executive’s incredible story, his closely guarded secrets for doing business in Africa and how USA companies can best play “catch up” within the fastest growing and most exciting continent on the planet.





Patrick is skilled in dealing with African Governments and bureaucracies, labor forces, expatriate issues, business permits and licenses, Investment Promotion Programs, Tax Holidays, exporting to and importing into, Africa (has been involved the the importation of tens of thousands of ocean containers to Africa).


Patrick is also an expert in Government Central Bank and currency exchange issues, the World Bank, the IMF, the World Trade Organization, the World Economic Forum for Africa and doing business during economic liberalization (which is underway in several African countries).  Patrick has also been instrumental in lobbying for Government policies to make economies in Africa much more “business friendly”.  Patrick understands how Africa works, how commerce is derived there most efficiently and has “an ear to the ground” on what / when / where are the best opportunities.


Patrick’s global executive management experience includes primarily working in Africa but also The Americas, Europe, India and China.  Patrick has also been a accomplished seller / exporter to multiple African businesses, Governments, institutions, The United Nations, Embassies and other large Governmental and non-Governmental entities.


Why Africa Now clients enjoy the benefits of drawing upon Patrick’s vast network specifically in Africa, and around the world, with specialized business expertise. Network relationships with many industry experts, raw material and equipment suppliers, global banks, logistics experts, consultants, distributors and dealers with decades of on the ground experience in Africa and doing business there.


Patrick and his wife Dawn are the parents of Alexa Jina, who grew up in Africa and is a University student.  They all enjoy traveling in order to maintain the many relationships built upon Patrick’s global business career.



In 2012, Patrick Griswold was nominated to become an Honorary Consul to the USA for The United Republic of Tanzania by Ambassador to the USA Mwanaidi Sinare Majaar.  In September of 2013 Patrick was appointed in a ceremony (photo above) attended by Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete in Washington D.C.






In May 2014 Patrick held discussions with Kenya’s most recent Prime Minister the Honorable Raila Odinga regarding the opportunities in Kenya and all of East Africa for housing, renewable energy and other high priority projects.  

Prime Minister Odinga emphasized that, in Kenya alone, 700,000 new homes are needed to be built, every year, to keep up with projected economic growth and the related demand. From affordable housing developments to luxury homes all sectors are in demand.