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Vision Day Market Research Business Plans & Strategy Government Relations Due Diligence Distribution Operations Management Investment Incentives

Why Africa Now “Vision Day”


Many companies realize there may be opportunities for them in Africa but just don’t know enough about Africa to take even the first steps.  So NOTHING happens.  This is very typical as Africa is a complex place.  There are fifty-four countries in Africa and they are significantly diverse with regard to cultures, languages and of course the way business is done.  Furthermore, one must understand what countries in Africa represent the best opportunities for their business.  There are even trading blocks of countries that could be best for some companies to get involved in.  Rarely does it make business sense to enter many African countries at the same time nor is South Africa the “gateway” to Africa business as so many companies around the world have mistakenly found out via failed business plans.


Your Africa Business Vision Day will open your eyes to what is actually happening in Africa, which markets would best suit your products or services and how you would get started in the easiest, least expensive and most productive and profitable way.  Keep in mind Why Africa Now highly respects every business we work with and understand you are the experts in what you do.  Therefore, it is not our intention to tell you how to run your business.  That said, we know what NOT to do when it comes to doing business in Africa and we will explain in many detailed ways why taking a “western” business plan and trying to implement it verbatim in Africa is not the best approach and has caused many companies to fail in Africa.


Vision Days include detailed, pre-event market research, a comprehensive detailed presentation on Africa and specifically the markets for your products and services, the major players and the best markets for you to approach in order to minimize risk and maximize profit and the Key Steps to your business succeeding in Africa.


We will also discuss how we can help establish initial contracts for services and products to ensure a strong start-up for your business in Africa.


If you are ready to take action and check into the opportunities for your business in Africa please contact Why Africa Now to schedule your complimentary Africa Vision Day exploratory call and take that first step to participate in the last big economic frontier on the planet.



Market Research


A critical part of any business strategy is market research.  Market research provides important information to identify and analyze the market size, need and competition. Doing market research in Africa can be more challenging compared to other markets in the world. The challenges are more about how African markets work than it is how and where to collect data.  Also, the accuracy of market research data is vital and a lot of outdated information is commonly disseminated throughout Africa as the most accurate. Therefore, you need to make every effort to collect the mot recent market research available in order to make sound business decisions.


Why Africa Now provides the latest and most accurate market data available in markets throughout Africa.  Our vast network on the ground in Africa knows where the information is and how to get it the quickest way possible. Getting the latest and most accurate data is the first step in making the right decisions for your business.  You need to know what the market wants, needs and believes.  Also, who are your competitors and how do you compare to them when it comes to you market entry position.  Before you make a decision regarding any market entry within Africa don’t risk having too little or inaccurate information.


Another vital part of Market Research is the local tax structure of the markets(s) you are interested.  There is no uniform tax structure followed by any group of countries on the continent. Also, Africa for the most part uses a tax structure completely foreign to the USA tax structure.  Therefore, part of your market research in Africa must include a thorough description and understanding of the local taxation structure and the impact on your product prices for imported good, your services provided, your manufacturing of products in country and your entire business cycle.  We have decades of experience working within tax structures in Africa and can quantify the impact of taxes on any type of business.

Business Plans and Strategy


Many companies fail in doing business in African countries because they try to implement a “verbatim” western business plan. Certainly you know how to run your business.  However, there are many things about doing business in Africa that will make you modify your business plan accordingly.  Also, there are different variables that can affect your business plan depending upon the sector you are in.  Therefore, it is better to understand these factors and make the necessary adjustments to your business plan before getting started.

Government Relations


As is the case in most countries around the world, especially for sectors like energy, mining and others in Africa, there is a need for professional Government Relations activities.  Understanding the protocol and culture of the particular country you are interested in doing business is vital for success. Making a mistake like contacting the wrong offices or using the wrong people to make your introduction to Government officials can be disastrous. Many companies have started off on the wrong foot and suffered significant and even fatal setbacks simply by getting the wrong advice regarding who to speak to first and how to handle initial meetings with Government officials.  Having someone that is experienced with doing business in the country, understanding the cultural (every Africa country is different) is vital to you reaching your goal of doing successful business in Africa.  No company is more respected than those that “do their homework” and make the best possible first impression to Government Officials by making a point to following the most local of procedures or customs regarding business.


We have the experience and network in Africa to ensure your initial actions and efforts are in the best interest and add maximum value to achieving your business goals.  Also, we have the business acumen in Africa to enhance the impact of your initial contacts with Government Officials you will hold initial discussions with.

Due Diligence


There are many opportunities rising in Africa.  Whether they are acquiring ongoing operations or starting greenfield operations due diligence is required.You need the most accurate and complete information possible on the people, businesses or entities you are interested in.  We have a vast network of professional associations we use as well as direct contacts within many businesses to assist in performing due diligence.  We have been involved in everything from start ups with new partners to preparing companies for stock exchange listings.  Our advantage is the decades of experience doing business in Africa and a unique “inside looking out” perspective rather than the typical consultant or service provider looking from the “outside in”.

Distribution / Operations Management


Many companies wish to find distributors or other types of partnerships in Africa to initiate or grow their business in Africa. While having your own “boots on the ground” in Africa maybe the best option, select companies have enjoyed successful business by having strategic relationships with companies or representatives in Africa.  There are many questions you must first answer to decide if this is the best option for your company.  Also, you must be aware that many companies have entered into distribution relationships in Africa that have become very painful for them.  There are things you need to know about such arrangements in Africa and how they can be good or bad for your business.


We have experience working with representatives from many of the global companies in Africa and understand the profile a representative must meet to be successful in Africa. There are several criteria to be met by a representative that are unique to Africa and which can have a significant impact on your performance on the ground in Africa.  Also, finding the right local partners for investments in Africa can be a complicated process.  Vetting companies and individuals to determine if they meet the requirements to be your local partner in an investment can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the business environment or market you are interested in.

Investment Incentive Programs


Many of the 54 countries in Africa have investment incentives programs for new businesses and investors.  They are all different.  You need to understand what the incentives are related to the markets you are interested in and how best to take advantage of them.


Some of the companies we have experience working with in Africa:



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