Patrick Griswold regularly speaks to business leaders, associations, students and other groups about the exciting economic renaissance going on in Africa.  Patrick’s presentations educate and accurately update the mindsets of people and companies not familiar with Africa’s economic transformation and opens their eyes to the opportunities there.


Custom presentations on Africa can also be designed to help explain to particular companies the best ways to enter Africa’s markets including which of the fifty-four countries would be best for their particular situation.  Such presentations cover the highest risk and highest reward areas (geographically and business sector wise), key areas of demand, exactly how to get started, the seven key steps for success and the reasons why many companies very quickly fail in Africa.



(Above)  Patrick Griswold Speaking to a Group of Senior Executives.


Patrick Griswold’s speaking engagement facts are a result of his nearly thirty years of doing business in Africa and heading a $40 billion global automotive company’s operations in the Sub-Sahara region for over ten years. Patrick shares many closely held secrets and strategies for doing business in Africa learned only by being on the ground and doing business there for several years and in several countries.  He also includes a lengthy Q & A session to answer all the tough questions on the subject matter.  Patrick’s presentations are lively, exciting, very interactive, educational and not at all typical.



(Above) Patrick Griswold Speaking at the Gulf Regional Chamber of Commerce event in Mobile, Alabama.


It is not uncommon for Patrick’s audiences to be top tier executives of large corporations and companies or the actual owners of SME’s or other organizations.  Typically, audiences are awed and inspired by the information Patrick provides and they are very excited to specifically understand how they can start doing business with the best possible markets for their products or services within Africa’s fifty-four countries.


SpeakerLogoPatrick is well-known for his exciting, energetic and engaging speeches that include audience participation and incredible stories and experiences from Africa, and the rest of the world. While “selling” Africa is clearly a tall order, Patrick uses his knowledge, the mostly unknown and shocking facts, and his unique speaking techniques to get even the most skeptical people to realize, and regularly admit, that today’s Africa is different and deserves more attention by the business and investment world. As a former Fortune 500 executive and a natural entrepreneur, Patrick’s speeches combine the best of both worlds and present a unique outlook and perspective on Africa, business success and achieving life’s goals.

More About Patrick Griswold


Patrick Griswold has led a fascinating and unique career as a Fortune 500 global executive and entrepreneur. His unique experiences of doing business around the world, and primarily in Africa, has made him an in-demand speaker on Africa and doing business there.


With on-the-ground experience in many Sub-Saharan Africa countries over the past thirty years, Patrick packs his presentations with the most powerful lessons he has learned in Africa including; What the Lions in Africa Taught me about Business. Also, Patrick demonstrates that even in the direst and difficult circumstances, almost anything is possible. His first hand experiences and accomplishments in Africa are models of motivation and goal achievement for anyone and he shares these examples with his audiences, clients and students.


When South Africa’s electricity public utility ESKOM wanted to familiarize their company with doing business north of South Africa, they had Patrick present a special program to their leadership team.


Patrick’s speeches are custom designed for the particular audience which helps explain specific details about sub-Sahara Africa that are in the best interest of the group. Such presentations cover the highest risk and highest reward areas (geographically and business sector wise), key areas of demand and the seven key steps for success. Also, eye-opening components of Africa history, politics and economics are included.


pg-careerPatrick’s career includes twenty-years of global, corporate executive experience with the USA’s GenCorp, General Tire and Germany’s Continental Ag. including CEO and CFO position in some of the world’s most challenging economies and environments, primarily in Sub-Sahara Africa, but also in the Americas, China, Europe and India.


Patrick is also an entrepreneur, small business owner and has built and sold successful marketing and technology companies. Patrick is most passionate about enlightening business people, investors and the general public about Africa – the planets last big market – and the enormous opportunities now and for the next two to three decades.


Patrick has done business in Africa since 1985, lived there for over a decade and has a vast network of business people, policy makers, government officials, diplomats and NGO representatives there to leverage and provide speed and enormous value to clients and new and ongoing business or investment projects.

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